Abe Ramseyer

I'm a full stack software engineer endeavoring to learn to write perfect code that works without issue.

This site will be closed down when I reach that achievement.

Until then, this site serves as a log of some of the projects I've experimented with. Many are half (or a quarter) complete and abandoned, others are very fleshed-out and serving happy customers in production. Sometimes I enjoyed a project for a company so much that I post about it here, sans specifics. When it comes to personal work, I'll keep working on something until it starts to feel like work. Sometimes that timespan lasts hours, sometimes years.

This is NOT technical writing. It's a portfolio and a place to retrospectively collect my thoughts so I can learn from where I've been.

I'm still a relatively newcommer to the dev world with just a few years under my belt after getting the degree, but I'm always eager to learn through experimenting with new technologies read articles to see technology come alive in new ways. Read more about my work here.

You can see a terser version of the posts under my work in my current resume.