About Me

Me sitting in a chair, lying across a table in utter exhaustion outside. Computers wowed me from the beginning back when my brother and I discovered these things called "batch" files that we could type a few strange words into and make the computer do funny things. In those days, peak programming was making a terminal pop up and print "DELETING FILE: " followed by random numbers to scare the user. Of course, no one else used our harmless virus, and this program served only for us to laugh and show me the magic that brought me to love coding.

Code works; computers aren't wrong: that's what makes it all worth it for me. People are finicky or just honestly mistaken, giving the right answer sometimes and the wrong answer others, even if it's someone I know and trust. We're just error-prone, but computers aren't.

Computers get it right, every time, and I love it. If the output is wrong, I'm wrong, not the computer. There's something safe about trusting a computer to do exactly what you tell it to do, following you to fault. The corollary to this is that once the code is right, it's always right. Then I can put it in a for loop and have it be right 1,000,000 times in a row.

Isn't that magical?

Thanks for joining me on this journey.

Check out the the work page to see some things I've worked on.